In person, phone and video therapy options available.

The help you need, the support you deserve

Individual counselling for people wanting to make changes to their substance use

When it's not so easy to make changes...

The really challenging thing about alcohol and other drugs is that for some of us, it helps meet our needs in ways that seem like nothing else does.

That is why it can be such a struggle to make changes to our substance use...even when it's causing major problems in our lives.

If changing your relationship with substance use is a challenge, you do not need to figure it out alone. I provide individual counselling designed to support you in reducing the negative impacts of substance use and increasing your quality of life for long term success.

If you are wondering if individual counselling is right for you, reach out and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation by filling out the contact form here or by contacting me at or calling 343-202-6399.